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GENKEM COURTLINE is a fine textured white line paint. The sharpest and most
attractive lines result from the hand application of Courtline between two strips
of masking tape. Courtline’s are brilliant, sharply defined and add a great deal
to the overall appearance of the tennis court.

An additional advantage of lines done with Courtline is shots landing on the line
will not skid as they might on other line paints. Rather, they will have the same
true bounce as those shots landing anywhere else on the surface.

We have formulated GENKEM COURTLINE from the highest quality titanium
white pigments designed for maximum durability and intensity. Enhanced with
optical brighteners. Courtline provides maximum hiding, extreme whiteness,
non-skid properties and easy application with masking tape.

Product Code: QCC732
Spread Rate:
Colour: White
Pack Size: 25 kg

Minimum Application Temperature of 10°C to 30˚C.
Application is with either roller, Neoprene rubber squeegee, or spray
GENKEM SPORTSCOATS are not hazardous” and is free of lead, mercury,
asbestos and formaldehyde.