The method for applying a GENKEM SPORTSCOAT is the same to every surface.

All are poured onto the surface and spread with a squeegee. Please refer to individual product data sheets for dilution instructions. The surface must be clean (as
described in the preparation instructions). Mix the coating according to the directions outlined in the description of each product in section.

Pour a windrow along the length of one edge of the pavement to be coated. Using a rubber blade squeegee. Insert approximately 1/3 of the width of the blade into
the window, angle so to “plow” the windrow further onto the pavement, pull the squeegee the length of the pavement. Upon reaching the end, reverse direction and
repeat the procedure. This procedure should be repeated until the entire surface is covered.

It’s important to keep adding fresh coating to the windrow. Do not let the windrow run dry. When adding material to the windrow, care should be taken to work the
fresh coating in with the older material. Do not stop for extended periods of time nor take breaks until the coat being applied complete.

DO NOT stop to repair or try to correct mistakes that were made on previous passes.
These can best be corrected after the coat being applied is dry.

After each coat is dry inspect the entire surface. Scrape and remove any excess material or foreign matter.
If necessary, touch up any repairs. Except for the final coat, most defects will be corrected to the application of the next coat.

Each layer must dry out completely before applying the next layer.

• All GENKEM SPORTSCOATING’S are water-borne and cannot cure in cold temperatures or when subjected to moisture.
• Care should be taken not to apply coating when rain is forecast, or sudden drop of temperature is expected.
• Climactic conditions as very cool evenings and high dew points dictate that work should be completed early in the day so the coatings can be exposed to enough
warm sunlight to form a film before sunset.
• The opposite applies during times of high heat, low humidity and drying breeze. Under these conditions, work very early in the morning or very late in the day.
• If the product seems to be drying too fast in hot weather, mist the pavement with water to make the application easier.
• Care must be taken to allow each application to dry thoroughly prior to recoating.
• Tools and equipment should be cleaned with soap and water soon after use.
• It is essential to use high grade plaster sand, which must be graded through a 1mm sieve, e.g. Genkem Courtsand.
• Failure to use this type of sand will result in a rough finish and the sand showing through.
• If a very large surface is uneven, this will be problematic to repair.
• Each layer must dry completely before applying the next.
• Product can withstand direct sunlight temperature of up to 90˚C.